Coliving for a greener environment

We believe that businesses as well as individuals share responsibility towards our society and the environment. As a coliving provider we have the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of the households we manage and also to influence positively the individuals within those households. Our sustainable strategy therefore mainly manifests itself in our household service, although there is more we want to do.

What we do currently

Renewable energy

All our coliving homes are powered by 100% renewable energy

Sustainable household products

Nearly all the household products we supply are sustainable

We deliver to all our coliving households every 3 months; toilet paper, kitchen roll, hand soap, washing up liquid, cleaning products, bin bags, recycle bags, and much more.

Reduce plastic waste

We refill hand soaps and cleaning product bottles from 5L bulk supplies

Reduce energy consumption

We measure energy consumption monthly and warn residents if they are overusing.

Our rental prices include energy bills under a fair usage policy based on standard household consumption.


We help and encourage our residents to recycle

We provide all households with two bins, seperate clear recycle bags, and guidance on how to recycle correctly.

Eco-friendly transport

Our staff use only public transport, bicycles, or electric cars to get around

Our household suppliers

What we would like to do

We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and we have a number of improvements in the pipeline to implement as our business grow in size and capeability.